Experiential Learning Activities are effective for child development

experiential learning

Experiential learning activities are the practice of learning through doing. They encourage children to have first-hand experiences with the materials, rather than learning through someone else. For children who have not yet started reading or those who struggle to read experiential learning offers an effective way to learn. With the […]

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Experiential Learning for Your Child is a Vital Tool

Lately, new parents are so competitive and face such social pressure to begin their child’s education way too early. The importance of experiential learning for your child, can’t be understated. It is important to understand that young children need unstructured play and experiential learning to develop to their full potential. […]

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The importance of crossing the midline in child development


What is crossing the midline? If you were to draw a line down the middle of your body, starting at the head, that is your midline. Every time you cross that line with either side of your body, that is crossing midline. Crossing the midline is a skill that children […]

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