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Teepees – We’ve been crafting magical moments for children since 2014.

We’ve already made and delivered more than 400 custom-designed teepees in this time, both locally and overseas.

Celia Jacobson
Celia is the creative mind behind PowWow Designer Teepees and Play Tents. She crafts every piece with great care and love. Her goal is to I create works of art, happy experiences, adventure, fun and learning for children.
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Rebecca Thlaka
Rebecca makes sure that all teepees and play tents are prepared for delivery with care and love.

Teepees – It’s all about the quality for us

We only make teepees of the highest quality and are convinced our teepees are so popular because of the quality.

Through recommendations and word of mouth we’ve had orders from as far afield as the United Kingdom, Dubai, Italy, France and the United States of America.

Our most popular item is the plain gender neutral cream canvas teepee. Add neutral or colourful bunting, pillows, feathers and fairy lights.

Small cream teepee

We’ve had customers that have tried other teepees and had numerous complaints that they didn’t last long because of the quality of the fabric.

After they bought a teepee from Powwow Designer Teepees and Play Tents, they raved

Sewing of teepees and Play Tents

When I am not cutting or sewing teepees you’ll find me sourcing the best fabric and gorgeous feathers and finishes from my suppliers.

All teepees we create is handcrafted using the highest quality fabric to ensure they’re durable. All fabric is pre-washed so it won’t shrink when you wash it for the first time.

The teepees can be machine washed on a gentle or cold short wash cycle.