June 25, 2022

Reading time

reading time

I went our for dinner last night and we ended up sitting around a fire drinking wine and chatting to our grown up children about the books we read to them when they were little. It was an amazing evening, thanks to load shedding! As moms we felt so proud of how fondly they now remember the stories and how much they loved reading time before bed. Reading time was hands down a favourite memory from their childhood.

Books can shape a child’s perception and allow them to see places, people, and ideas from around the world and beyond. In 2022, children’s book publishing continues to make great strides toward representation in kids’ books, with epic adventures, untold stories, and plenty of gorgeous art.

Make reading time nostalgic with a new board book for little ones, The Golden Girls: Goodnight, Girls by Samantha Brooke, illustrated by Jen Taylor. One of the sweetest new board books brings the best of the golden oldies right to yours a goodnight story before bedtime. Join Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose for a sleepover, with Ma trying to settle them down.

Another favourite was reading time book was The very hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. There is a whole series now to introduce your child to a variety of foods and Eric Carle’s iconic art at the same time with this die-cut board book. Follow the Very Hungry Caterpillar through lunch meals from mac and cheese to sandwiches to tacos.

My eldest could still recite The Owl and the Pussy-cat by Edward Lear and could not stop about all the books she still likes. There is her all time favourite, The Velveteen Rabbit, by Margery Williams

I would go on and on about reading time and what we read to our children but what is really important is that you should make this time special and a bonding experience. Who knows maybe you could chat about this too in years to come.

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