April 16, 2022

Celebrating Easter

celebrating easter

The story of the Easter bunny is strange if you think about it. Not everyone is celebrating easter, but it is a major holiday in many countries around the world.

It is so weird to think that it is not birds who lead eggs for us at easter. It is bunnies. And we tell our children this strange tale about how it is the easter bunny who would bring them chocolate eggs if they have been good. I was invited to an early easter lunch yesterday and parents were discussing how they are celebrating easter by getting up early to hide eggs in the garden but how they have to keep their dogs away so they don’t get to the eggs first. There was nothing religious mentioned around easter at any point. Their daughter, I am guessing she must be four or five, asked me if I knew that the bunny poops out chocolate eggs on this very special day? She was dead serious. Imagine that? For those of us who just need and excuse to eat chocolate all day long. Celebrating easter  you should definitely put up your teepee and snuggle up to your favourite book eating your Easter eggs freshly pooped just for you by the easter bunny!

celebrating easter bunny









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Photo Credit. GetStencil