July 30, 2018

More Crafts with Nature for Creative Kids

creative kids

Making magical stick wands is the perfect party activity for Creative Kids.

My fascination with sticks continues and I have found so many more wonderful things you can create. Making magical stick wands is so easy. You need just a small amount of preparation the day before and you will have the perfect party activity.

The kids will have a blast from start to finish and the play inspired by the Magical Stick Wands will be amazing. These creative kids will imagine they are wizards, fairies, magical princesses and magicians.


  • Sticks
  • Liquid chalk paint markers by JaxWax
  • Black Paint. The chalk markers could be replaced with paint of various colours)
  • Some ribbon, string or anything that can be tied to the ends of the sticks

Instructions for creative kids:

  • Go for a walk in nature. Collect interesting looking sticks
  • Paint the sticks black and leave to dry
  • Decorate the dry sticks using various different colours and patterns.
  • Leave the sticks to dry.
  • Tie ribbons round the ends and get ready to play!

The magic derives from the explosion of imaginative play the wands inspired. Sit back and watch these creative kids use their imagination and their games will make you smile.

Combine a magical stick wand with a teepee and create something amazing.

Interesting facts about teepees

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