August 7, 2018

Creative Kids Will Love Making Stick People

creative kids

You may think I am crazy and you may ask why? Why bother to make stick people? Creative Kids will love making a whole Stick Community!

I had to try this out and it become addictive. I made loads of them. It is amazing how you want to give each doll a personality as you go along. I watched my kids become competitive and try to make each one different. I was really surprised at how this project captured my children’s attention. They were busy for well over an hour.

Materials creative kids will need:

  • Set up some sticks from the garden or perhaps collected while playing in the park,
  • Pieces of fabric from old t-shirts or even underwear
  • Googly eyes in different sizes
  • Scraps of wool
  • Scissors
  • Glue and an old paint brush.










  • Cut a small amount of scrap fabric.
  • Paint glue onto the top of the stick and carefully wrap wool around for hair.
  • Paint glue onto the back of the googly eyes and stick them onto the stick.
  • Paint the back of the fabric and wrap it around the middle of the stick for clothes.


Using tiny things like googly eyes and cutting with scissors develop hand eye coordination, and work the small muscles in the fingers and hand that will be needed for writing later on.

Creative kids use their imaginations in making these unique stick There are variations in hair colour and design, colour and shape fabric for clothes. Nobly bits on the stick could be a bulgy nose or a facial expression.

Kids get to play with something they have actually made from scratch.

Gathering sticks encourages you and your child to go outside and experience nature together. (Read more reasons to gather natural craft materials here.)

As our stick people were made from things we already had on hand, they are effectively free.

You can add more family members or neighbours to the community whenever you want to!

Making these unique and individual stick people allows creative kids to engage in roll play and with your involvement builds vocabulary crucial for language development.

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