March 20, 2018

Teepee giveaway winner is Paigy

Teepee giveaway

“Congratulations to our R1000.00 teepee giveaway winner, Samantha Lopes. I hope your little explorer (Paigy) loves her new teepee.” Celia

The idea was for moms to tell us how their child/children would use the 1.5m black and white teepee and to like the Mommalikeme and PowWow Designer Teepees and Play Tents Facebook and Instagram pages.

Here’s what Samantha Lopes said:

Paigy would LOVE one of these!!! She is constantly making mom and dad “build” her a tent!!!! Whether its out of blankets, under the dining room table, in between her bunk beds…….literally anywhere!!!!! This would be an awesome, quick and easy way to make her a tent ANYWHERE!!!!!! Paigy has an incredible imagination and I can just picture he in this littel teepee making her own littel dream house inside…… Fantastic idea and simply love the color scheme!!!!! PowWow Designer Teepees YOU ROCK!!!!!! Please pick the Lopes family as your winner!!!!!!! #mommalikeme’sbiggestfan! #holdingthumbs

The teepee giveaway generated 21 comments on the Mommalikeme page.

Thanks to all of you who participated, I really appreciate the effort you made.

I love the work I do because teepees really can benefit the children in many ways:

  • I love it when they create reading spaces (I’m a big fan of children reading)
  • I love it when they create their own private hideaway
  • I love it when mom/dad joins them in the teepee for a tee party (get it?)
  • I love how they can let their imaginations run wild
  • I love it that they can just relax and be mindful
  • I love it that they can take naps in a safe space

Thank you to Megan from Mommalikeme for letting your children play in a bespoke teepee and writing about it on your blog. I loved the concept of the teepee giveaway and the awesome and creative comments it generated.

I must say that it was really hard to pick a winner. The comments that were generated were creative and heartwarming.

I’ll probably do another teepee giveaway in 2019.

Until then,


Love and light

Celia Jacobson Powwow teepees South Africa





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