February 17, 2018

Random acts of kindness for pre-schoolers

Random Acts of Kindness

If you ask parents what they want their children to be like when they get older, the answers are most likely kind, honest, caring, thoughtful, and considerate. Random acts of kindness is one way to achieve this.

That is why we want to do our best to raise grateful kids. If you are wondering how you do that, you have come to the perfect place because these fun kindness ideas encourage positive behaviour.

In fact, these Random Acts of Kindness ideas for Preschoolers (and older kids) are easy ways to express kindness, appreciation, and love for another. Kindness Matters!

25 random acts of kindness

1. Let a sibling go first

2. Say something nice to someone

3. Decorate kindness rocks

4. Share

5. Play with someone new

6. Pick up trash without being asked

7. Say sorry if you do something wrong

8. Smile at someone

9. Put a dollar on a vending machine

10. Hold the door for someone

11. Make a care package

12. Say “good job”

13. Give someone a flower

14. Say hi to someone

15. Volunteer

16. Write a nice letter

17. Give a hug

18. Color a picture for someone

19. Say “thank you”

20. Make a handmade gift

21. Leave a thank you note

22. Clean up without being asked

23. Give a compliment

24. Let someone else go first

25. Say “I love you”

Have you read Have You Filled a Bucket Today?: A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids it’s a GREAT BOOK. I wish I could deliver one to every child in the world. Love it!

If you can add to the 25 random acts of kindness, please leave a comment in the comment section below.

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