March 21, 2018

21 mommas talk teepee

21 mommas talk teepee

We recently held a teepee giveaway in conjunction with Mommalikeme.

21 mommas told us how their children would use their teepees.

Charlotte: I also have twins! They live in their own world filled with imagination and wonder. A PowWow teepee would be a beautiful addition to their fantastical plays and situations and stories. We could also use it as part of homeschooling, teaching about other cultures and ways of life.

  1. Rebecca: Oh gosh what wouldn’t we do with our Teepee? We would hold “campouts” in the garden, use it as a reading nook, use it for movie nights in the lounge, pretend we were prince’s in a castle. Such a beautiful Teepee !!
  2. Kassy: The Teepee would make my life so much easier. The kids love playing outside and this would make play time so much more fun as they have been bugging me for tent fora while and this would be perfect.
  3. Melishia: Wow! This is an amazing giveaway! My boy is three and my girl a year and a half. They would have endless fun and adventures with this beautiful Teepee,both indoors and out. I can see them having their meals,playing pretend and inviting their friends to join in.(their stuffed animals that is 😀 ) Tea parties in a Teepee for my girl and I and Dad and son would be able to enjoy a little camping experience. The opportunities for them to play and let their imaginations run free are endless…. I really wish to win this for them,it would be an awesome present from their new sibling whom will be joining them on their Teepee escapades soon ♥
  4. Tasmin: What a wonderful thing. We would use it to go to far away lands. My eldest son has such a big imagination. I’m sure we would have many a wrestling matches in here. We’d camp out, read stories, sing nursery rhymes to his younger brother. We’d jet off into space or back in time to when there were dinosaurs. I love,love,love this s idea.
  5. Natasha: I would love the teepee for our granddaughter so that she can start experiencing the wonderful times her dad & aunt had when we went camping
  6. Tracy: The girls would prob take their teasets and big pillows and drawing things in….the boys would prob want to play PlayStation in there no seriously it’s a beautiful item to have – what fun!
  7. Lynnith: Oooh well! I have 3 adventurous boys, and they would waste no time in jumping into a fantasy of make believe, pirating or spying, anything goes!
  8. Carolyn: My daughter would probably use it as a new bedroom and living space. She’s just loves tents and forts
  9. Jackie: My busy boys have been begging me for a teepee! It would be such a spoil for me to enjoy a cold glass of Chardonnay while they camp and have fun outside with all their tools (they are obsessed with fixing at the mo)! ❤ 
  10. Nicole: Riley, my son, is totally obsessed with camping at the moment. Winning this teepee would definitely make his year as we would be able to have year round campouts!! We would set the teepee up in the garden and read books in the afternoon. At night we would roast marshmallows and star gaze, but most of all we will make and treasure precious memories.
  11. Tania: Wow my daughters would luv this. They would be using it to camo out in the garden and have picnics. They will also play inside with their dolls and make beds inside. They would use it a lot!!
  12. Tiffany: My kids are always making tents out of blankets and chairs, imanging they soilders or a princess in her castle, they have picnics and read their books in their “tent” They have even had a sleep over under their “tent” I am sure they would love this stunning one even more than their blankies tossed together.
  13. Stephanie: My daughters love being outside so this tent will most likely be placed in the garden for their play play tea parties they throw for there dolls and teddies
  14. Simone: My daughter would lay in it reading a book…while the boys would pretend to be cowboys hiding out. They’d love this!
  15. Tracy: Both my boys will most likely keep it in the middle of the lounge , in front of where mommy and daddy sit, because that is where they spend most of their time. My eldest LOVES to read so he will spend alot of time reading in it while my youngest LOVES to irritate everyone, so he wil probably worry my eldest in there haha. DONE
  16. Riana: This would be amazing for my pigeon pair!!! They love playing together, perfect for tea party for my lil girl, my lil boy loves being a cop pretending his sister has been a naughty girl and she would play along until he has to join her with tea cups and dolls, love these moments, they would love to nap in this wonderful teepee with her dolls and my son with his spiderman. would just love this for them it would be a blessing.
  17. Samantha: Her little girl won a teepee worth R1000.00. See what she said
  18. Ann: Caleb would so love this teepee. He loves going camping and playing camping at home. He loves help us set up the real tents so this would be perfect.
  19. Samantha: My daughter would love a Teepee :-). She loves the outdoors and loves playing outside with her kitty. Will be great when we have a braai outside and she can play with her kitty and dolls while eating marshmallows. It will be her little hideout spot likes she loves to call it :-). What a great giveaway and awesome blog Megan.
  20. Rabiyah: My two boys are always making blanket tents in the house which takes so much time cleaning up lol. Also my eldest boy is a bit shy so he usually reads to his lb and ls under there little tent. They have big imaginations. One day it’s a spaceship then a cave then a tunnel.It would be so amazing for them. They would love to have there own private little play place and I would love to not have to tidy up all the time. So please make us all happy☺
  21. Chantel: My girls would just love their teepee and would have a tea party with all their soft toys and then have a sleepover under the stars. The teepee would be their imaginary hiding place where all their magical memories would be stored.

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Teepee giveaway winner is Paigy
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