August 30, 2018

Holiday Activities to do at Home

holiday activities

I was so happy to discover tons of cool holiday activities and craft tutorials on the Adventure Ahead website. This inspired me to post this blog help bored little hands get creative with what nature has to offer. Here are a few easy and fun ones:

  1. Make your own leaf crowns

We can only imagine the stories our kids would come up with as kings and queens of the forest wearing their very own creations. Just go for a walk around the garden or in the park and gather leaves of all kinds. Point out differences and have a chat about the colours. Stick onto construction paper crowns. Simple as that.

  1. Design a painted stick wind chime

I love this painted wind chime for holiday activities because it’s so, so easy. And yet you still end up with a project you’ll be happy to display when you’re done. (Of course we kind of are inclined to display every craft our kids make. You know what we mean.) A rainbow colour scheme is always pretty and gives you a chance to teach them the colours of the rainbow too but you could change it for any colours your kids may prefer or something to fit in with your colour schemes. You can also show them how to add a little more white to each successive monochrome twig for an ombre wind chime. You can get really creative and hang crystals and bells in between each stick. The sun will pick up beautiful rainbow colours in the crystals and the wind will provide the sound. One of those crafts that makes holiday activities so rewarding

  1. Tree branch weaving

Let your kids try their hand at tree branch weaving like in fantastic photo we found from Ergani Weaving on Flickr, which is pretty amazing. You can follow this branch-weaving tutorial at Instructables for a little help. When they are finished, cut the ends or your little carpet and let the kids know that birds will pull the strips of wool away to use for their nests. There’s something wonderful about a child making a nature craft that they know they can’t keep but will give back to nature.

Also add a teepee for kids to play in for holiday activities.

Interesting facts about teepees

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