• What sizes do the teepees come in?
    1.8m pole height unopened
    1.6m in height when open
    1.2m square inside diameter
    or …
    1.5m pole height unopened
    1.3m pole height open
    1m square inside diameter
  • How long before I receive my teepee?
    Typically, your teepee will be made 2 days after payment. Factor in PostNet to PostNet and couriering. You’re probably looking at a 5 working days before you receive.
  • How do you clean the teepee?
    Our teepees are 100% machine washable on a gentle cycle.
  • Refunds and Returns?
    All our teepees are bespoke. So, we regret that there are no refunds and returns.
  • Are your teepees waterproof?
    Our teepees are suitable for outdoor play but will not protect your Squaws and Braves from the rain. We use 100% cotton and canvas fabric. So, when those thunderclouds approach, bring the teepee inside (and the kids too).
  • Can I design my own teepee?
    Absolutely. Every teepee is bespoke to your specifications. Anything you can imagine we can make.
  • Are the teepees washable?
    Yes. Machine washable on gentle cycle.
  • Do you keep stock?
    No. Each teepee is custom-made for you.
  • Accessories?
    Yes. We can supply cushions, bunting, blankets, fairy lights and soft toys.
  • Do you hire out your teepees for parties?
    Yes. We hire out party packs of 4 teepees, bunting and cushions.
  • What is the origin of teepees?
    Did you know you can also say tipi and tepee. Find out more fun teepee facts

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