February 27, 2018

Three Benefits Of Children’s Teepees

children's teepees

To help you make a decision whether a teepee is right for your child, here are 3 benefits of children’s teepees.

As a parent, you naturally want to provide the best for your children. In the development process of childhood, the role of fun and games is imperative. It’s crucial for you to encourage playtime as it helps your children:

  • Get to know their surroundings
  • Develops motor skills
  • Stimulate imaginative play

When looking for  a children’s teepee, you will come across a variety of sizes, colours and styles.

Consider your child’s preferences when choosing a teepee and keep the size of the teepee in mind. If you are buying a teepee that will be used indoors, consider measuring the play area where the teepee is going to be placed.  Have your child’s age in mind, because a tent designed for two to four-year-old may be too small for five to seven-year-old.

These are the three benefits of owning children’s teepees:

Imagination set free

Children let their imaginations run wild. They’ll transform their teepee into a fortress, castle or house, a hidden chamber or whatever they set their minds to.

They can come up with the greatest stories and adventures whilst playing in. By encouraging creative play, teepees contribute to your child’s mind development. Through fantasy play your children develop narrative and speech skills. Help your children get started by inventing a topic or the beginning of a story and let them play it out.

Physical Development

Playing in a teepee requires some movement like crawling and turning which are extremely important for a healthy development since movement help coordinate the brain hemispheres.

In addition, children have to plan their movements when getting in and out from. A teepee is the perfect place for toys to play with, including building blocks and puzzles that require fine motor skills. Children love the idea of small spaces and secret corners. A teepee is the ideal quiet place they need for play away from the disturbance of the outer world.


Children’s teepees are fun when others are included too. When children play together, they learn how to:

  • Interact with each other,
  • To negotiate rules
  • Navigate personal space
  • To share
  • Be considerate to other children’s wishes

Children’s teepees encourage your child to play, learn, discover and socialize.

Let the adventure begin.

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