August 22, 2021

Healthy Snacks to Promote Healthy Eating

Healthy snacks

Most toddlers would rather play than sit down to eat. Snacking is a clever way of getting them to take in the right nutrients. At this crazy time, working from home or being in isolation or whatever lockdown level, our children are more exposed to us eating salty snacks or sweet things, so now is the time to push healthy snacks and healthy eating alternatives.  

Snacks provide a large proportion of a young child’s nutritional intake, and you should use this opportunity to offer various healthy combinations. Offer a variety of healthy snacks and serve this buffet style. If you are more Montessori inclined or love the Montessori method as much as I do, they suggest you have a designated snack table for your children to sit down and enjoy.  

We are also so blessed to have Woolworths in our lives. Woolworths made it so easy much more convenient for busy parents to buy healthy snacks to promote healthy eating. You can now buy mini snack packs for you to introduce an even greater variety. I went to Woolworths online and found so many healthy snacks to promote healthy eating. This is what I ordered:

Lunchboxes for sports stars |

  • Mini digestive biscuits with a yogurt or carob topping to offer at tea time and raisins to top up iron intake.
  • They offer a variety of cheeses in 75g packets. Emmental and Boerenkaas with cumin. Good for growing teeth: a daily cheese portion combined mini rice crackers, baby tomatoes and cucumber sticks. Cheese eaten after something that tends to stick to teeth also helps fight tooth decay. Mini snacking cucumbers and a hummus dip are a hot new favourite for me.
  • Mini yogurts in various flavours. Summer days are fast approaching so you can offer frozen blueberries or frozen grapes as an alternative to frozen ice lollies which are usually just packed with sugar. Woolies have a variety of mini fruit pots to choose from.
  • I also love the mini almond and fruit multipack snack bars. There are 10 in a pack and is a handy handbag snack. Just make sure your child does not have a nut allergy!

Go ahead and order your favourite healthy snacks to promote healthy eating with your family. These healthy snacks are also great picnic snacks. Set up your teepee in the garden and have a picnic every day! For teepee gift ideas or children’s parties and party hire, follow us on Instagram or find us on Jozikids and #support local small businesses #stayhomestaysafe

Photo Credit: GetStencil , vitality_lunch_box_menu.jpg