October 9, 2019


The obsession with unicorns is nothing new — with social media, we’ve just found a different way to show it. Someone or something who is a unicorn is someone or something special. And don’t most people want to feel special?

We are all craving brightness and happiness during this dark time, so the bright, bubbly, social media-created unicorn frenzy helps offset how we’re all feeling as a culture right now. 

Women are in need of fantastical magic in their lives right now. We are surrounded by culture and politics that are very bleak and dark and oppressive. Unicorns are rare, they are powerful and they are imaginary, therefore capable of anything. And they do have a certain girly undertone that many of us associate with our childhood. They are unapologetically feminine. Why wouldn’t we want to own something that’s just for us? Something that inspires us to believe in our otherworldly capabilities? We’re being faced with some dire messaging around being female. Unicorns are our chance to escape and have some fun.

Unicorns allow us to create a magical world for our children. Have you ever seen a child not loving this magical creature? They are crazy about unicorns for several reasons:
Children love unicorns for its true, pure self. 
Children love unicorns for its magic. 
Children love unicorns for its innocent appeal. 
Children love unicorns because they are beautiful. 

Children may not know all the unicorn mythology. But they adore the pure and friendly-looking creature that seems so similar to them!

Take 10 minutes out of your day and have some magical unicorn fun with your child in one of our magical teepees. For more teepee ideas find us on Jozikids or follow us in Instagram.

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