July 14, 2020

Sibling Sleepovers

sibling sleepovers

As families across South Africa continue to navigate life in lockdown, the absence of extracurricular activities and social events is making way for more time together at home. Without constant playdates and having friends over some households are seeing a strengthened bond form between siblings. Let’s encourage sibling sleepovers.

When we think about sleepovers we automatically assume we have to invite best friends for sleepovers. Why not have fun with siblings the same way? Built in best friends and the best ingredient for sibling sleepovers.

We’ve found that sleepovers work best on a Friday night. Because sleepovers lead to sleeping in and sleeping in lends itself to a lazy Saturday with pancakes and hot chocolate. The morning after a sleepover my children are normally cranky and worn out from staying up late. Believe it or not, there are benefits. Make a habit of an early bed time on Saturday nights. In our house, all children go to bed one hour early the night after a sleepover night. You can have the tv all to yourself or even join the kids and go to bed early too.

So if you are longing for those traveling memories – the ones where everyone is piled up together in a tent or a hotel room, just do it now! Set it up. It can be simple or you can create a magical and unforgettable sibling sleepover experience for your children. Transform their room into a glamping experience and inspire creativity and imagination!

Just imagine brothers and sisters staying up late together, giggling. Building memories. Movie night or a pretend camp out or even a pamper spa experience. It’s about creating joy. It’s about building relationships. It’s about building memories.

I encourage you to make a habit of simple sibling sleepovers. Adjust these ideas to fit your family. Have fun right where you are – inside or outside – and build the best friendships at home.

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