February 9, 2019

Kids parties ideas in South Africa

kids parties ideas in South Africa

If you’re looking for kids parties ideas, have you ever considered having teepees at the parties?

We’ve hired out teepees for 50+ children’s parties and have had great feedback.

There’s something about a teepee or play tent that seems to set kids imaginations on fire.

The reasons I think that having teepees (besides that it’s my business to sell them) is great when you come to thinking about kids parties ideas are the following:

  • Teepees and play tents are a safe space to play. There’s something about getting out of the crush of kids for a child to catch his/her breath that’s good for the child’s psyche. It’s like going into a cocoon for a little while and feeling comforted by a safe space
  • Teepees fire up the imagination. Kids can be anything: cowboys and native Americans, policemen/women, doctors, nurses, Cleopatra, soldiers, Lara Croft, adventurers and the like. The kids are only limited by their imagination. And, teepees and play tents spark that imagination …
  • Teepees also spark creativity. Put a few colouring books and pens into the teepee and watch how absorbed the children become. Even better, put blank paper and pens into the safe space and watch how your kids’ imaginations go wild.

So, if you’re looking for kids parties ideas, consider teepees and play tents. They’re easy to set up and take down

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