May 25, 2018

6 Must-Have Herbs for healthy kids

healthy kids

Make sure you have at least these 6 must-have herbs for healthy kids and/or herbal products to keep your family healthy throughout the year.

There are a few herbs I like to have simply for their health boosting benefit, because herbs are so gentle that you can use them almost any time! Add these herbs to your daily cooking or to salads, teas and juices.

Herbs are gentle and can be better tolerated by a child’s sensitive body. It is preferable to use the whole plant and not just one extracted from it.

Here are the 6 must-have herbs for healthy kids you need to have in your house.


The powerhouse herb has both antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties and is also an immune system stimulant. Take elderberry to avoid illness and boost the immune system, but even taken at the onset of a cold or flu it may help reduce the duration of the illness.

The most popular way to take elderberry is in syrup form, easily purchased from your local health food store or reputable online retailer.


Garlic has amazing antiviral and antibacterial properties and has over 7,000 years of documented medicinal use! It also has wide-ranging systematic effects on the  liver, digestive, respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Always add garlic to everyday cooking. It has to be cut, chopped, or minced and left sitting for 5-10 minutes before you eat or cook with it!


A staple herb to have in your home and often used as a night time tea to help relax bodies. Chamomile and honey make a great tea for both healthy kids and adults. It can also be used for digestive upset or indigestion and should be given during and after stomach viruses to soothe the digestive track and to provide hydration.


This flower is a wound healing herb and has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties. Many  children suffer from eczema more in the winter months, leaving sores and scratches from itching. Calendula cream, oil or lotion is fantastic  for dry and chapped skin.


Nettle is considered a nourishing herb as it has a rich vitamin and mineral content. Use it in tea during the winter in order to add extra nutrients to growing bodies.

It is recommended as a natural allergy relief,  to promote healthy hair, skin, and nails, as an energy booster, a treatment for skin disorders and for helping the body maintain proper insulin levels.


You have probably seen Mullein (VERBASCUM THAPSUS) growing in fields and along roadsides and has really soft leaves and a thin stalk of yellow flower blossoms that sticks up high above overgrown grass.

It has expectorant properties that can help spells of unproductive coughing. As an anti-inflammatory it is for respiratory illness and ear aches.

With these 6 must-have herbs for healthy kids you will be able to boost your kids immune systems this winter!

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