September 24, 2018

Activities to make happy children

happy children

If you have five minutes to spare you can have happy children.

Today, these stones are just that. From the moment you start this project you will be so happy and it will get even better when you see how the kids absolutely love playing with them.

As December is approaching a sea theme for our story stones seems the obvious choice!

Story stones and happy children

  • Story Stones Instructions
    Pick the flattest stones you can find and draw a picture onto each stone.
    a boat, fish, a crab, a starfish, an island, an anchor, a jellyfish, a pirate and a whale.
    You can also add weather themed story stones with
    the sun, some rain and a rainbow.
    Try use Posca pens, the ink is fantastic and the colors are really bright.
    The Posca pens are made by Uniball
  • Make a painted rock cactus
    This painted rock cactus at Salt and Pepper Moms is so gorgeous and could be a super cool Christmas gift.
    Gather some smooth rocks outside
    Cover the kitchen table with paper and let them paint.
    Dip the eraser bit at the back of a pencil into white paint to put larger dots on and dip the tip of the pencil into white paint for the smaller dots or “thorns”
    This is great for teaching fine motor skills.
    Go to Google image search for various cacti and a little inspiration.

These stones are a great way to encourage storytelling and language and knowledge development in even the smallest of kids.

Happy children love playing in teepees.

Interesting facts about teepees

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