August 21, 2019

Gardening is a fun outdoor activity with your child

fun outdoor activity with your child

We are forever looking for something fun to do with our children. Teaching your child to garden can be a fun outdoor activity with your child.

It doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Teaching kids to garden also encourages an attitude of conservation and respect for nature.

Here are a some tips:

  • Start small. Small and simple is generally better because children are more likely to remain interested. Use a simple project like these to teach your child about gardening basics, such as healthy soil, sunlight, and water. Plant beans or sunflowers in or a small rectangular pot garden of flowers and place on a windowsill or on the patio.
  • Choose high-interest and quick growing plants or flowers such as snapdragons or pansies. Cherry tomatoes bear fruit quicker and make a tasty snack.
  • Use the right tools. Give your budding little gardener a child-size spade and watering can along with a durable pair of gloves.
  • Cultivate good habits. Set aside 15 to 20 minutes once or twice a week to tend the garden. Show your child how to pull weeds and water the garden. Teach your child to store the tools away after use. These experiences offer bite-size lessons in responsibility and organisation.
  • Eat the fruits of your labours. Make a pizza with the cherry tomatoes and basil.
  • Visit a farm or farmer’s market. Through gardening at home, children begin to understand where their food comes from. It could be a fun outdoor activity with your child to go to a farm or farmer’s market. You could teach them appreciation for the earth and the farmers who work hard to bring us food.
  • It’s much better to grow a small garden successfully than plan an unrealistic larger project that ends with poor results.
  • Gardening with children is downright fun. Children are natural explorers who find joy in the simple pleasures of planting seeds or searching for earthworms.
  • A garden is a grand teacher. It teaches patience and careful watchfulness and is a fun outdoor activity.
  • A teepee or play tent in the garden is a great place for your child to take a break after a session of gardening.

Children’s books about gardening

  • In the Garden, written by Elizabeth Spurr and illustrated by Manelle Oliphant, Infant & Toddler
  • UnderGround, written and illustrated by Denise Fleming, Preschool
  • Planting a Rainbow, written and illustrated by Lois Ehlert, Preschool
  • It’s Our Garden: From Seeds to Harvest in a School Garden, written and illustrated by George Ancona, School Age

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