November 13, 2018

Great Family Photo shoot Ideas for you

family photo shoot ideas

When the entire family gets together and has some time to spare, have some fun and take photos to turn into gifts to loved ones? Whether you want to prepare something in advance or do something creative on the fly, I’ve got some inspiration. Here are a few family photo shoot ideas to try out:

Teepee Tent South Africa


Teepee Christmas family photos are light-hearted and adorable – just what you need for your Christmas card. Dress up your little ones and add decor to your teepee. You can add traditional red and greed decorations like Christmas stockings and sparkly lights or have one with gingerbread cookies, presents, and cones.

Set up a cute little camp, with a teepee to create the ultimate photo backdrop.

Have all you little Cherokees inside and dressed for the scene.


Christmas lights

Bundle up close together and wrap fairy lights all around you. You can make this quite beautiful or full of fun. Christmas lights for the family Christmas cards are a great family photo shoot ideas.


Layer the hands of the family and take a photo. You’ll love looking back on this photo from years to come – and you can thank Shutterfly for giving me the idea.



Use fun ways to create frames inside the photo or just add a physical frame to the mix could really make a difference. It creates a funky, contemporary vision and it’s so easy to do without a pro photographer on site.


Highlight the family name in a unique ways. There are tons of different shots to get when you brainstorm.

Beach photos

Of course beach photos are gorgeous, but add some props like beach balls or a beach teepee for some extra fun.

Pool fun

Jumping in the pool or just splashing around, summertime fun is another great memory to capture of the family.


Colour coordinating

You could always simplify the idea and just go with a colour scheme. Make sure everyone is dressed in the same colour for a clean and crisp photo.


Graffiti can add texture and pop to your background. If you want something edgy go find a graffiti wall and snap away.

At work with dad

Whether Dad is a policy officer, teacher or firefighter – why not plan a family photo shoot at work with him? It’s such a sentimental and special moment to capture.

Just feet are also great family photo shoot ideas

Focus on the family’s feet for a unique take on the classic family portrait. The addition of the tiny baby toes is just too adorable.


In the rain and reflections

When the rain comes, grab the camera – many great family photo shoot ideas can come from playing in the rain! There are so many wonderful shots you’ll be able to grab once the drops start to fall. Photograph your family’s reflection. Whether it’s a puddle or a grandiose mirror, it’s just another fun way to capture every member.

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