February 23, 2019

Children’s Bedroom Decorating Trends – 2019

children's bedroom decorating trends 2019

I hope that this article, children’s bedroom decorating trends 2019 will give you some ideas on how to decorate your child’s room.

It’s natural to want to surprise them with the decoration of their new room, creating at the same time a space where the they feel comfortable and at ease.

There are endless possibilities in decorating trends for children’s bedrooms and here are some guidelines to keep in mind:

Functionality and design

According to children’s decorating trends 2019, a child’s bedroom should be a comfortable, practical place that’s easy to clean and maintain. A great option is an expandable bed that increases as the child grows. Make sure the base doubles up as a storage space and utilise the often wasted space under the bed. 

Neutral colours

Paint the room entirely white, stone or beige with small accents in green, yellow, blue or pink to give a cheerful and striking touch. 

Decorate by themes

Don’t fall into the trap of decorating according to a theme. Children grow out of a phase very easily. If you child loves cars or fairies, rather opt for wall stickers or vinyl stickers and carry the theme through like that.

Personalise the space

Create a cozy atmosphere by introducing a customised teepee. This could be a reading nook or simply just a place for your child to chill. Hang photos of the family or drawings your child made on the walls. 

children's bedroom decorating trends

Children’s bedroom decorating trends encourage safe comfortable and uncluttered spaces for your child’s imagination to grow.

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