January 30, 2020

Boost your toddler’s language development

Language Development in toddlers

Your toddler is probably saying a few words, but making lots of sounds that almost sound like real words. Help boost your toddler’s language development with these easy everyday activities using words to describe every action. 

Learning to talk is an exciting milestone that begins right from birth. Your baby’s first sounds and facial expressions will morph into gestures and, eventually, words as your toddler learns to communicate with you and others around him. 

You can encourage your toddle’s language development in several ways:

  1. Read together
    Sharing a picture book with your child is the best way to build vocabulary and understanding. Reading the story in fun voices will make it more enjoyable and engaging your child longer. Point at pictures on the page and encourage a conversation by making comments like “the boy is sleeping” or start a sentence and allow your child to fill in the blanks. Use your Powwow Designer Teepee and create a cozy reading corner. 
  2. Slow down
    When talking to your toddler, pause a little to give him a chance to respond before jumping in. As your child realizes she’s got your full attention, she’s bound to engage with you using sounds, gestures and words.  
  3. Do something silly
    You can get your toddler’s attention and create an opportunity for her to communicate just by being silly or doing something unusual. Try putting her in a tub without water or leaving her cereal bowl empty. She’ll have to communicate with you that something’s wrong, whether through gestures, sounds or words. Then, have a conversation with her about what you need to do to make things right.
  4. Have floor play
    Get right down on your child’s level to play with her. Allow her to be the leader. Be sure to pause to see how your little one wants to play and talk about what’s happening in the game. 
  5. Narrate the day
    When you’re out with your child talk about what you’re both seeing. Get descriptive about everything you see. When you stroll around in the park describe what you see like, look at the big furry brown dog or smell the beautiful red flowers. You can talk your way through chores at home, too: “These are Daddy’s socks—they’re big! This is your shirt—it’s small.” 
  6. Give options
    Instead of just handing your toddler a drink, ask what she might like. For example, “Would you like milk or water?” Your child  has to communicate by pointing or using a word to get what he wants.

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