November 6, 2018

Baby and kids trends this season

Colour Trends

As a result of children’s screen-based lives trends this season are simple and packed with symbols and pictures.

The first theme relies on symbolism and pictorial communications which engage shorter attention spans.

Emoji City

A fresh and minimal story sees children discovering new ways of communicating through simplified imagery. Friendships evolve through icons, symbols and emojis. This is the new way of communication.

Eyes that are winking, blinking or sleeping. Focus around indoor play and toys that are simple and tactile to offer a break from screens.

Teepees and Play tents trends this season in simple colours or colour blocking.

Jungle City

The city setting transforms into an urban jungle for mini explorers in this wild summer trend.
This vibrant Latin American trend is bursting with energy and confidence. Foliage and bright weaves trends this season. Mix this with monochrome marks on rugs and blankets.

Plastic dinosaurs are making a huge comeback and are key for inspiration a range of hard and soft products. Bring the outdoors in with vines and jungle leaves. Raw wood and Teepees are used to create shack inspired dens for bedrooms. Colour blocking is a very effective and simple way to bring any room to life.

Dinosaur teepees

As a new decade is emerging, there are moments for celebration, indulgence, kindness and reflection. The home becomes a space to mirror this positive mood. Calming spaces that help comfort and soothe little one trends this season.

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