March 22, 2020

Activities to keep kids busy

activities to keep kids busy

It’s the perfect time to order a teepee. No child will turn down the chance to have their own hideout or “secret place” and they’ll be much more likely to play independently once they’re inside.

Activities to keep kids busy inside their teepee:

  1. Buy a plain white teepee, some fabric paint and paint brushes or just little fingers to paint and let your kids create their own special and unique teepee.
  2. Construction play. This does not only refer to building blocks or Lego. Give your children variety of different materials from plastic bottles and cardboard boxes to Tupperware. Different shapes and sizes will give them the opportunity to build creative structures. Construction play can start from a young age and as the child’s confidence grows, more blocks and shapes can be added. It is great fun and entertaining for children, offering them endless hours of creative play and great benefits to early childhood development. 
  3. Encourage reading or listing to audio books

Limit screen time and if all else fail download activities to keep kids busy:

  1. Mystery Doug is a series of 5 minutes videos perfect for break time for younger children. Doug answers just about every question you or your children can think of.
  2. Mad libs are funny stories created on the spot. Pick a story from any category and fill in a word for each prompt
  3. Highlights Kids has everything from joke videos to Did You Know Facts and Recipes. Great for breaks.
  4. Fun Brain has videos, games and books for children of all ages
  5. Capture your children’s attention and ignite their love of learning:
  6. National Geographic has a number of interactive quizzes and resources to download.
  7. History for Kids has a number of downloadable PDFs for younger children with plenty of activities to keep kids busy.
  8. Typing Club can get your kids touch typing up to speed.
  9. Limerick illustrator, based in Sydney, Damien Quinn, has created a colouring book of the Limerick Hurlers that you can now download free of charge at home! › live-95-lime…Keeping the kids entertained in isolation – with the Limerick Hurlers! | Live95 Limerick Today Podcasts on acast

There can be silver linings in these stormy clouds. How privileged are so many of us to stay warm at home, reading, working, still being educated, creating, still taking to our loved ones, with little worries and a fridge stocked with food. Remind yourself to be grateful today.
“To be in your children’s memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today.” —Barbara Johnson

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