October 11, 2022

Things to Do With Your Kids While They Are Still Kids

things to do with the kids while they are still kids

My kids used to beg me to swim with them literally every day and I mostly didn’t want to get my hair wet. They got super excited than when I was willing to actually put my head under water when I got in the pool with them. We would spend hours in the pool and they actually enjoyed being with me. Those really were the sweet years. I’m convinced of that.

My kids actually thought I was cool and wanted to spend time with me. 
They cared about what I said and about my opinion.
While your kids are still kids you should really embrace it and do things with them.
Believe me when I tell you that you won't have this phase for long.
Do things with your kids while they are still kids!
  1. Don’t just swim. Play Marco Polo or pretend to be a shark. Run and jump in with them.
  2. Run through the sprinklers with them.
  3. Swim in the sea while they still think you look great in your swimming costume.
  4. Build sandcastles on the beach or let them bury your legs.
  5. Hug them every day.
  6. At bedtime, lie down with them and chat about their day.
  7. Read to them every single day.
  8. Get excited about their stationery and draw with them.
  9. Hold hands.
  10. Compare your hands, palm to palm, and remind them you’re still bigger and stronger.
  11. Do their hair and tell them they are beautiful or handsome.
  12. Use the time in the car to have conversation or sing alongs. Soon they will be driving their own cars.
  13. Bake something sweet together. Sit on the kitchen floor and watch it through the oven window.
  14. Peek in on them every night while they are asleep and notice the little bit of baby left in their faces.

These are just a few things to do with your kids while they are still kids. I am sure there are so may more things to do. I miss these times and wish I never had any excuses not to do things with my kids. Set up a tepee or two in the lounge and have a movie night! For teepee gift ideas or children’s parties and party hire, follow us on Instagram or find us on Jozikids and #support local small businesses #stayhomestaysafe

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