March 7, 2023

Be Honest

be honest

Being honest is a huge thing for me and I have tried to teach my children how important it is to do what you say and say what you do. This was no small task as my children often made up stories to fit into their realities and as a parent, I was often quick to scold and not always so quick to praise.

It is always so tempting to test them to see if they might lie but in hindsight it was also completely unnecessary. Why give them a chance not to be honest?

Through play, you can help your child learn to value honesty – and develop the right habits.

Explain how lying can hurt someone because it breaks trust and how that trust is difficult to earn back. Try to give an example so they can understand how important it is to rather be honest instead of making up a lie. If you want to be trusted then keep your promises. Teach your children to be people who consider their word sacred. When they give it, they don’t break it.

Through words you can teach your children that if they don’t have something good to say, they should say nothing at all. We used to watch the Bambi movie to reinforce this important lesson. We always should be able to find something positive to say about anyone.

Always remember that you are the role model and you are constantly being watched and mimicked. You can not let your child hear you telling a lie. You need to be honest. You need to live by the truth and put thought into the truth.

When there is a lie, give consequences and follow through. It is so important. Make it so it is not worth it to lie.

Keep an ear out for any of your children’s friends who lie. Encourage friendships where there is honesty and shared values and morals.

Reward honesty with loads of praise and hugs. It will build self confidence and reinforce positive behaviour. A child can never get too much love.

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