November 27, 2022

A Great Christmas Tree Alternatives

Christmas tree alternative

A great Christmas tree alternative this year and the ideal solution for those who either don’t want to decorate their home with a traditional tree, those who are away on holiday for the majority of the festive season, or those who simply don’t have the space or time store a tree for the rest of the year.

Even the best artificial Christmas tree still require a lot of effort, decorations and lights to achieve the traditional look and with load shedding looming it may just be a tree and decorations.

Christmas tree alternatives don’t come much more fun for the kids than teepee! Create a simple wooden structure using wooden poles or foraged fallen branches that can be stripped down to create a seamless structure, tied together at the top to form a teepee-like structure.

If you are not in the mood to struggle or simply racing against time, just order your plain white or cream teepee from Powwow Designer Teepees. A teepee makes a fabulous gift to give any child and they will adore reading or playing in their teepee for hours on end. Adorn your quirky Christmas tree alternative with foliage for a really natural look. You could choose to have foliage with decor attached to it, such as pine cones, battery operated fairy lights, and baubles. Or you could have just foliage without any accessories—choose ones with multiple different leaves, such as eucalyptus, for a really impressive look or just a keep it simple with a few baubles.

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