October 13, 2017

Teepees and not TV for Xmas

Get your child a teepee or play tent for Xmas

3 Reasons Why a Teepee Makes the Perfect Children’s Christmas Present

Children’s Christmas lists are more likely to contain the latest gadgets and gizmos than the sort of good old fashioned toys that we used to find hidden under the tree.

That’s why it’s such a refreshing change to try something a bit different for your little ones this Christmas.

One of our favourite handmade gifts that we’ve seen growing in popularity recently is the children’s teepee and play tent.

A magical play space

The main appeal of children’s teepees is that they provide a magical and safe space for your children to relax and play in.

Once they enter their teepee, children really do disappear into their own world, where their imagination is the only limit!

The teepee can be used to play with their friends, sit and get lost in their favourite book, or maybe even have a quick snooze!

We believe that as great as technology is, it can have adverse medical effects on children, so we should be reducing its role in playtime and letting children’s imaginations take over, and the teepees suit this perfectly.

Beautiful handcrafted designs

The designs are of course based on the traditional Native American tents which were constructed using animal skin and wooden poles, but thankfully, these ones are hand stitched using the finest fabrics and materials, in various colourful and whimsical designs.

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Knowing that your child’s gift has been loving crafted with care and dedication by a real person really adds something to the gift and makes it feel special to you!

The various gorgeous designs mean that they are a really cute touch to your child’s bedroom, or indeed whichever room of the house you choose to have them in (they can even be set up outside during summer!).

The fabrics are hardwearing, and can be accessorised with floor mats and rugs, soft cushions, and even some fairy lighting if you wish.

A sense of independence

Your children’s teepee will also allow them their own independent space in which to play in and develop without mum and dad.

And perhaps best of all, while your little ones are getting lost in their own little world, mum and dad get a little bit of peace and quiet!

You can learn more about encouraging independent play in this post from Peaceful Parents, Confident Kids.

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