April 25, 2017

Why a teepee is ideal for a child

Blue and white teepee with bunting and cushions

One of the best places to play as a child is inside a teepee. There’s something fascinating about teepees that kids just love.

They could stay in them all day and do all sorts of activities from playing hide-and- seek games or role-play games to reading or simply resting.

Yes, resting! Every kid will prefer taking the midday nap in a teepee rather than in his own bed. So why not make him a bed inside the teepee from time to time to make his days and even nights more fun?

Just place a mattress and pillow in the teepee – feet sticking out. It creates a dimmer, sleep-inducing atmosphere which is perfect for the midday nap.

Your child may surprise you one day by going to nap alone simply because it is more fun.

Reading stories in a teepee bed will create special moments enjoyed by kids and adults alike. If your child usually sneaks to your bed in the middle of the night, a teepee might be the right change he needed to enjoy his bed more than yours.

Add some fairy lights inside the teepee and you set the scene for reading stories with enchanted fairies and magic stars.

A teepee is more than just a tent.

It’s a toy that can be used in different places and for various games and activities during the entire childhood. It’s a place where imagination runs wild, stress evaporates and friendships become stronger.

A teepee is a must have for any child.

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