April 8, 2021

National Siblings Day, 10 April, 2021

national siblings day

A day of celebration and recognition of brothers and sisters. Encourage your children to think of of special ways to show love and appreciate this amazing bond on National Siblings Day this year.

A little bit of history and something I did not know and thought I should share. The day was established by Claudia Evart after losing both her siblings early in live. She chose April 10, the birthday of her late sister, Lisette. 

We love to hate them but can’t imagine our lives without them. So why not celebrate having a brother or a sister. I always tell my children to cherish this special bond no matter what. My sister was my best friend and I lost her just weeks before the birth of my first child.

Our siblings are our family, and they are a huge part of our lives – that’s why we celebrate them on this very special day every year on the 10th of April! They are our best friends and sometimes our worst enemies. They encourage us to be our best, they embarrass us, and they can be our biggest motivators and competitors. It’s now growing into a nationwide day of both remembrance and celebration. 


Brothers and sisters: they can make great friends, and it’s nice to have someone who’ll love you no matter what This day is a day to honour your relationship with your sibling(s). The bond between siblings is extra special. They are life-long relationships that last from cradle to grave, and are usually the longest relationships of a person’s life – typically much longer than the relationship with a mother or father.

Have you thought of ways to encourage this special bond? How about arranging a sibling sleepover in their very own teepee?

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Photo Credit: Pixabay