Should You Spank Your Kids?

Corporal Punishment and spanking as punishment in South Africa

This article on corporal punishment and spanking as a form of discipline was written by Sandra Doyle for Jozikids . Photo Credit Spanking … Is it just lazy parenting? The recent changes in South African legislation on corporal punishment reignited the debate on spanking children as a form of discipline. Unfortunately, the predominant thinking amongst […]

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Kids manners in public

I’m big on manners. Yes, I know it’s because I went to Finishing School. I’ve tried to instil manners into my children from an early age. And, for the most part it has worked. But there are days … I’m 100% behind the following article by Tiffany which I curated from the Jozikids blog. Sometimes […]

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Co-Sleeping With Your Baby

baby sleeping

[avatar user=”Celia” size=”thumbnail” align=”left” link=”file” /] I recently read this interesting article, To Co-Sleep or Not To Co-Sleep? by Dr. Mike Marinus on the Jozikids Blog. I’ve put a small extract here: Where babies sleep is a hot topic. Many modern day parents are set on their babies sleeping in their own beds and own […]

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Teepees and not TV for Xmas

Get your child a teepee or play tent for Xmas

3 Reasons Why a Teepee Makes the Perfect Children’s Christmas Present Children’s Christmas lists are more likely to contain the latest gadgets and gizmos than the sort of good old fashioned toys that we used to find hidden under the tree. That’s why it’s such a refreshing change to try something a bit different for […]

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Psychological effect of stripes on teepees

The latest range of Powwow Designer Teepees and Play Tents So let’s  talk about the psychological effects of stripes/lines. Using straight stripes/lines: Horizontal lines suggest a solid, harmonious relationship with the earth, and offer a sense of tranquility.  Long horizontal lines can visually expand space, making your teepee appear wider or longer. Vertical lines lift […]

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