June 9, 2020

5 Bad Behaviours to be Grateful For

bad behavious

Do you ever feel tempted to label your child “bad?” Are you simply exhausted and ready to give up managing tough traits like when your child gets frustrated, and scream and hit. When you need to leave for work and they throw a temper tantrum. How could you possibly ever be grateful for these bad behaviours. You try to console yourself by allowing these tantrums because you are sure your read somewhere that children with bad behaviours as toddlers will make great leaders!

There is hope in the form of 5 bad behaviours that will most likely become assets.

Intense emotions will become passion.

The fits and tantrums are the absolute worst but your little one is living wholeheartedly. As your child matures he will channel this temper into a passion and develop or learn new skills, creativity, originality, and a zest for life. He’ll never be bored or boring and embrace new adventures. Passion is an extremely attractive quality that inspires others, and effects transformation. Whatever he’s selling, people are buying.

Stubbornness will become persistence.

Toddlers love to push the envelope. Battles of the will are exhausting, but with a formed character, stubbornness translates to persistence in virtue and persistence in difficulties. He’ll be dependable and trustworthy. He’ll prove to himself that he can overcome every obstacle.

Resisting authority will become leadership.

Good leaders can stand up for themselves, take charge, and don’t compare themselves to others.

Pickiness will become ambition.

My little one had personal dress standards from a very young age. She refused to wear anything with zips and only wanted to wear white shirts. Getting her dressed felt like the biggest ordeal and I had to remind myself not to interfere as she would not settle. Children like her have an ideal in their minds and they’re going to go after it. I won’t have to kick her off my couch at the age 30. In fact she is 20 now and has high personal standards, accountability, a strong work ethic, and self-starting initiative.

Recklessness will become courage.

Just as she was unafraid to turn the playground into a parkour course, she also won’t be afraid to blaze a trail in the future. She has a strong inner compass and drive, she’s proving to herself from her earliest days that she’s capable of difficult things. She’s used to pushing her own limits to achieve and she won’t be afraid to continue doing that. Better to have jumped and fallen than never to have jumped at all.

It is true, challenging traits in childhood can mature into valuable characteristics in adulthood.

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