June 24, 2019

We all need extra sleep

Teepee tips for extra sleep

We all need a little extra sleep at least once a week and most definitely during mini breaks or holidays.

At home my children are really good at entertaining themselves and stay in their rooms playing or reading until I wake up. When we go away for a weekend or on holiday, they seem to wake up earlier and have so much more energy. It is understandable as it is exciting for a child to be somewhere new. But all I really want is just a little extra sleep!

Tips to get extra sleep for a productive day.

Keep you kids bedtime hour as consistent as possible. Staying up a little late for family gatherings occasionally is okay. Try and limit this to only an hour or two for no more than one or two nights in a row. Too many days off-schedule can result in mood swings and meltdowns, and make it more difficult to get back on track.

Make time to wind down. The stimulation of the holiday activities can leave kids wired, making it much more difficult to sleep when it’s time. Instead of allowing your child to play with their new toys up until the last minute before it is time to engage in their bedtime routine, consider allowing for a few extra minutes to unwind. Put the toys away and dim the lights and ease into their regular routine.

When we are away on holiday or for a weekend, I set up a creative space each night before I go to bed. Just something simple to spark their curiosity and give them something to do so I can have that much needed extra sleep.

When the kids wake up in the morning they find a table (usually the coffee table) in the place we are staying, with a small juice or cups of water, a bowl of fruit, a game or a little something they aren’t familiar with, a little craft project, a new book and a little note.

So instead of them coming into your room to wake you, this is the perfect trick! It buys you some extra sleep time and keeps them entertained! Often I would wake up to see them creating and get inspired to do the same.

It’s amazing how a little extra sleep can set you up for a productive day. 

Create a safe space for your children.

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