September 21, 2022

The Best Ways to Spend Summer Days with the Kids

Summer time with kids

We are so blessed with our gorgeous sunny summer days. I still remember my favourite thing to do as a kid was to eat watermelon outside and then to run through the sprinklers. Many summer activities take on a new life when they are shared with mom or dad.

Here are a few ways to spend summer days with the kids:

  1. Watch an outdoor movie. Set up a few teepees with picnic blankets, pillows and popcorn. Use a projector and a laptop and a classic or favourite movie. The chance to stay up a little later and watch a movie outside with me is an experience we all savour.
  2. Build a fire. I still remember the pride I felt the first time I built a fire of my own. Taking your kids out and teaching them the subtle tricks of building a fire is a wonderful shared experience and it offers  the chance to cook over the fire. Whether it’s sausages on sticks or marshmallows, when your kids eat something they cooked over a fire they helped build, it always seems to taste so much better.
  3. Get wet. You don’t have to have a swimming pool to enjoy summer days with the kids. You just need a hosepipe and a sprinkler! If you face a small slide, you can make your very own waterslide by adding a blow-up pool at the bottom. Turn on the sprinkler, fill up the blow up pool and have fun! A sheet of poly and a sprinkler creates an industrial-sized slip-n-slide. Our best way to spend summer days with the kids has to be water balloons!
  4. Kids find whatever is flying overhead, whether it’s a bird, plane, or helicopter to be fascinating. The chance to put something in the sky yourself and fly it around, whether a drone, a remote-control airplane, or even an old-fashioned kite, has been thrilling for a long time. Get outside and help your kid fly something. It is so much fun!

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