November 13, 2017

Teepee Tents Sale South Africa

Teepee Tents Sale South Africa

Teepee Tents Sale South Africa – Powwow Designer Teepees and Play Tents has been crafting teepees for children since 2014. We’ve already delivered more than 100 custom-designed teepees since in this time.

Hello, I’m Celia,

Celia Jacobson Powwow Teepees and play tents

Celia Jacobson

I’m really excited to have you visit my website. I’m sure that if you’re in the market for a bespoke, high-quality teepee, there’ll be something here for you to choose for your child or grandchild.

I like to combine unusual fabrics, feathers, tassels, lace, beads and trimming to create one-of-a-kind magical teepees.

I believe that I don’t only make teepees. I create works of art, happy experiences, adventure, fun and learning.

I’m really passionate about this work and every teepee is made with great care and love. Hopefully, you and your children/grandchildren will love playing in the teepees as much as I love making them.

Teepee Tents Sale South Africa – It’s all about the quality for me

I only make teepees and play tents of the highest quality. I’m convinced this is why Powwow Designer Teepees and Play Tents are so popular … because of the quality.

Through recommendations I have had orders from as far afield as the United Kingdom, Italy, France and the United States of America.

My most popular teepee tents sale South Africa is the plain cream canvas one. You can add to it with bunting, pillows, feathers and fairy lights.

Small cream teepee

Cream canvas teepee. This is the one I get requested to make the most often.

I have had customers that have tried other teepees and they didn’t last long because the material that was used was sub-standard.

After they bought a teepee from Powwow Designer Teepees and Play Tents, they raved.

Sewing of Teepees and Play Tents




When I’m not cutting or sewing teepees and play tents on my trusty Elna sewing machine (already worn out a bunch of needles because the material is so thick), you’ll find me sourcing the best material from my trusted suppliers.

Every teepee I create is handcrafted using the highest quality fabric to ensure it is durable and lasts for a long time. All my fabric is pre washed so it won’t shrink when you wash it for the first time. The teepees can be machine washed on a gentle or cold short wash cycle.

I was checking out the history of teepees on Wikipedia and found some interesting facts:

  • There are three ways to spell teepee: tipi, tepee, teepee.
  • Teepees were quite widespread and didn’t just come from the indigenous people of America. They were found in the Canadian Prairies, northern Europe and Asia. They, of course had other names in these areas.
  • A teepee is distinguished from other tents by the smoke flaps at the top of the
    Teepee art

    Photo Credit:


  • Teepees were made from animal skins. I can assure you that no animals were harmed in the making of Powwow teepees 🙂
  • The teepee frame consisted of thirteen poles from 4,4 to 5,4 metres.
  • Our teepees are definitely smaller and come in two sizes 1,5 metres and 1,8 metres.
  • Tipi means “a dwelling” or “they dwell” from the Lakota language. Our teepees are safe spaces for children to play, read, learn and rest in.

Teepee Tents Sale South Africa

We’ve had some excellent reviews on our teepees. Here’s one from our Jozikids shopfront:

I love these handmade teepees made by Celia! She made it according to my preferences and it is amazing! It’s an extremely easy one-time set up, easy to fold and store, and also very easy to disassemble for storage or washing the fabric.

This teepee, particularly the fabric, was significantly higher quality than expected. It’s great quality material and all the stitching and seams appear well-made. Obviously this isn’t meant for outdoor use, but after checking the weather forecast, I’d be completely comfortable letting my son camp outside under this teepee in years to come. The color and pattern are lovely also.

Teepee Tents Sale South Africa

  • We also have a number of teepee testimonials you can have a look at.
  • Find out the price of the teepees
  • If you have a kids’ party and only want teepees for a short while, we do hire them out. You get four plain teepees with pillows and bunting. Check out the Cutting of teepees South Africaprice.
  • The plain canvas teepees can be dressed up with fairy lights, pillows and bunting. As you can see by the main photo (the Flamingo pattern), I like to use feathers for that extra special touch.
Tannith Ross, “My new hiding place is amazing.”
Teepee and Play Tent Ideas
  • Create a book nook. Get your children hooked on reading by creating a safe space where they can read to their hearts’ content.
  • Have a pyjama party for your children and their friendsTeepee book nook
  • Have a themed birthday party
  • Create a sleeping nook. Nap time is such fun. Who wouldn’t want to sleep under a teepee?
  • Have a powwow. Connect with your child. The teepees are big enough for an adult to sit in. Get close, talk and connect like never before.

Teepee Tents Sale South Africa

I have a Facebook page too. I’d love to connect with you there too. Pop in and see all the articles, comments and pictures of teepees and play tents.

If you’re looking for Teepee Tents Sale South Africa, try Powwow Teepees out. The quality is of the highest standard and I’m proud to put my name on every teepee I design.

Celia Jacobson
Celia Jacobson Powwow teepees South Africa



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