September 18, 2017

Teepee and play tent trends for kids rooms

Teepee and play tent kids room decor

I got some stunning ideas for teepees, play tents and kids room decor from the good folk at Belivin’ Design – Unique and Affordable Home Decor.

I believe that our children’s rooms need to be a safe and creative space where they can learn, think and just rest.

I’ve curated 4 of Belivn’ Design’s ideas here. If you want to see the other 3, go here.

Back to nature, wallpapers and teepees

We all want our kid’s room to be a welcoming place, a cozy nest to come home to, to play, dream and sleep but we also want it to be a stimulating surrounding for their development and curiosity. A teepee or play tent will do just that.

The nursery design world is constantly changing with decorating ideas, colours  schemes, materials and decor elements so if you’re planning to redecorate or update your kids room explore new and beautiful design ideas.




The colour scheme of our kid’s room, from the walls to the furniture and

accessories, is the most significant choice we make when we decide on the room’s design. Pastels continue to be popular colour schemes for kids rooms. These tones are joining the general colour trends with pale turquoise, soft terracotta, light gray, beige and muted olive.

Green is the colour of the year. This colour is meant to represent the refreshment and revitalization we all need and want.

Have a teepee made in the trending colour of your choice.

Wallpaper makes a statement

Wallpapers and wall murals are a great way to boost your kid’s room decor and make any ordinary interior come alive as they provide a splash of color and creativity. The nicest thing about adding a teepee or play tent is that it gives a decorating option which is easy, quick and relatively cheap! Try it!







My secret place is here

One of the rising trends are the teepees or reading nooks – a blessed design element which adds so much character and sweetness to any room. We all loved to play and sleep in a teepee or play tent when we were kids. We loved the feeling of privacy and being in a secured place where no one sees us. Kids still love to hide and play there. You can just add an adorable, super designed teepee or play tent – a spoiling treat for any kid.



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