July 8, 2023

Simple Ways To Remind Us To Have Fun Again

I know it is really important to have a positive attitude and especially around your children but lately I really have to dig deep to have fun. The invisible load of all my daily responsibilities coupled with loadshedding and the freezing weather can morph me into a grouchy person in no time! This attitude quickly trickles down to my children. Of course there are times to be serious, but we should also build time into our days to let our hair down and have fun doing something silly or just having a giggle. Taking a break from being so serious and simply embracing fun and show your children it’s OK to enjoy life.

Here are some simple ways to remind us to have fun :

  1. Sing along to a favourite song on the radio on the way to dropping the kids at school.
  2. Blowing a bubble gum bubble bigger than your fist.
  3. Learn how to do a cartwheel or somersault or just roly poly.
  4. Invest in a trampoline and jump with your children.
  5. Do tongue twisters. Say, “How much wood could a wood-chuck chuck if a wood-chuck could chuck wood” as many times as you can without getting your tongue twisted!
  6. Memorize three Knock-Knock jokes then tell them to a neighbour.
  7. Say the ABCs backward.
  8. Pretend to be a shark and chase them around the pool.
  9. Try to make a basketball shot while blindfolded.
  10. Jump rope without messing up.
  11. Hop around your room on one leg. It’s a simple way to have fun and exercise at the same time.
  12. At the park, swing from one end of the monkey bars to the other while making monkey sounds.
  13. Learn to whistle and see who can whistle the loudest.
  14. Go “bowling” in the lounge or passage using empty soda bottles as the pins.
  15. Play music using instruments made from items found around your house.
  16. Try to fit six marshmallows in your mouth. Once you have them packed in, say, “Chubby bunny!”
  17. Play snap
  18. Use hair gel to make funny hair-dos.
  19. Dress up and act like famous people and see if your family can guess who you are.
  20. Measure how far you can throw a wadded up ball of paper.
  21. Try to pat your head and rub your tummy at the same time.
  22. Have a tickle fight!
  23. Ball up socks and have an indoor “snowball” fight.
  24. Tie one hand to your waist with a scarf and see if you can get dressed or eat using only your free hand.

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