November 7, 2017

Safe Reading Spaces for Children

Teepees are safe reading spaces for children

Teepees are Safe Reading Spaces For Children.

I used to be a Montessori teacher. What I noticed was that children learn so much from playing.

  • Play teaches them social skills such as sharing, taking turns, self discipline and tolerance of others.
  • Children’s lives are enhanced by playing creatively.
  • By playing, children learn and develop as individuals.
  • Playing assists with their emotional and intellectual development and mental health resilience which are core building blocks for their transition years.


I’m a bibliophile and passed my love of books on to my children. I know that reading is essential for them to increase their vocabulary and to improve their understanding when they listen (operative word being ‘when’ ;-))

Obviously, reading also broadens their horizons and allows them to go on adventures in their mind.

Stories fire up their imagination. Therefore, I think all children should be encouraged to read.

I like to encourage safe spaces where children can read.

A teepee or play tent is a great way to create a safe space for your child.

I’ve read that children with ADHD benefit from spaces that reduce distractions in the classroom environment. An idea might be to create a safe space by adding a teepee and bookcase. This reduces distraction and becomes an ideal reading space.

Add some pillows and cushions to make it extra comfy and you will have the perfect nook to encourage them to focus, feel safe and read.

If you’re looking for a safe reading space for your child, consider a teepee. Reach out and connect with me. Be sure to leave your telephone number, too.

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