June 22, 2017

Psychological effect of stripes on teepees

Striped teepees in South Africa

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So let’s  talk about the psychological effects of stripes/lines.

Using straight stripes/lines:

  1. Horizontal lines suggest a solid, harmonious relationship with the earth, and offer a sense of tranquility.  Long horizontal lines can visually expand space, making your teepee appear wider or longer.
  2. Vertical lines lift the eye, mind, and spirit upward.  They convey strength, stability, and security.  The use of vertical lines tend to make your teepee seem higher.  

Angular lines:

  1. Diagonal lines suggest movement, energy, and action! There is always something going on! These stripes stimulates the mind.
  2. Zigzag stripes are lines that proceed by sharp turns in alternating directions, forming a regular or irregular pattern.  A set of regular zigzag lines is called a chevron or herringbone pattern.  These lines can add energy, life and excitement. 

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