June 18, 2018

PowWow Teepees and Play Tents reviews on Jozikids

PowWow Teepees and Play Tents reviews

I recently checked out my PowWow Teepees and Play Tents reviews on Jozikids.

I was pleasantly surprised that so many clients have taken the time to write reviews.
Submitted on Tuesday, 12th June 2018 at 07:34:39 PM

I was recently looking for someone to make a teepee for my niece. Celia was the first and only person to call me back. She was friendly, professional and extremely patient as I couldn’t decide on what I wanted. The teepee was delivered to me, by Celia, within a week and I was really impressed with the service and quality. These teepees are quite clearly made with so much love. In a nutshell, I don’t think anyone can beat the quality, price and service and highly recommend this company. I would love to post photo’s of my niece playing in her teepee but it doesn’t seem possible on this page. Thank you so much PowWow Teepees and Play Tents

Teepees and play tents in Johannesburg testimonial

Submitted on Sunday, 10th June 2018 at 10:46:34 PM

I chose Celia to do the teepee after reading the awesome reviews. I must say I’m not disappointed .She personalised the teepee and I’m hoping my grandkids find great pleasure for many years to come. Thumbs up Celia. Efficient as well.

Submitted on Monday, 22nd January 2018 at 02:13:50 PM

Absolutely stunning high quality Teepees, the best that I’ve seen!
Lovingly made by Celia who makes each teepee to the highest quality standard where attention to detail is outstanding. You can rely on Celia’s superb creativity skills to produce your perfect teepee or she can make to your own specifications! Either way you can be assured that you’ll be blown away by the results!
My little boy loves his new PowWow Teepee, which allows him to let his imagination run wild, from reading a book to creating fun imaginative games! It’s also the perfect decor accessory as it looks awesome in his room.
Thank you Celia & PowWow Teepees and Play Tents!

Teepees and playtents play tents in Zambia

Submitted on Wednesday, 17th January 2018 at 10:19:40 AM

The most gorgeous teepees made from great quality cotton. My child spends hours in her Powwow Teepee, it is also her preferred place to do homework in these days!

Submitted on Friday, 17th November 2017 at 05:08:13 PM

I am thrilled with the PowWow teepee I bought for my two-year old granddaughter. It’s a perfect and original gift, and a beautifully conceived, handmade safe place where a child can play safely and let their imagination run riot. It was also great that Celia showed a selection of fabrics and trims so I could choose those I liked best!

teepees and play tents playtents johannesburg

Submitted on Saturday, 11th November 2017 at 07:52:32 AM

I love these handmade teepees made by Celia! She made it according to my preferences and it is amazing! It’s an extremely easy one-time set up, easy to fold and store, and also very easy to disassemble for storage or washing the fabric.

This teepee, particularly the fabric, was significantly higher quality than expected. It’s great quality material and all the stitching and seams appear well-made. Obviously this isn’t meant for outdoor use, but after checking the weather forecast, I’d be completely comfortable letting my son camp outside under this teepee in years to come. The color and pattern are lovely also.

Overall this teepee exceeded expectations and I feel it was worth the price, considering my kiddo will have years of use.

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Submitted on Monday, 6th November 2017 at 12:12:28 PM

I’ve looked at a lot of competitive products in terms of teepees and play tents. Not only me, but other clients have raved about the quality of the product compared to what’s out there.

Let me help you create something extraordinary at PowWow Teepees and Play Tents

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