November 11, 2019

Let’s create something beautiful!

rock art

The real power in being creative is that you can give almost everything a new look. You can create something beautiful out of almost anything! Get creative using a simple and small rock. 

Involve your kids, even teenagers and spend some quality time creating something beautiful. In this harsh financial crises we are all facing, it is important to teach your kids they can still create something beautiful from the heart. 

paint on rocks

These rocks make great gifts. You can create personalized paper weights, or just pretty inspirational works of art!

There are a multitude of ways you can find out how to paint on the rocks. Google it! I have and almost became obsessed.

Just a few basic ideas on how:

  • Find smooth rocks in the garden of on a walk or even at the crazy store or garden shop.
  • Use acrylic craft paints or spray paint to paint the whole rock.
  • Draw the outline of your design using a very fine Posca pen.
  • Use a white paint pen or the finest paint brush and white paint.
  • You can also use cold or silver metallic paint.
  • Sharpie Paint markers also works well.
  • Paint in the design using a very fine brush using the acrylic paints or use Molotow markers 
  • Coat with nail varnish when they are all dry if you want more gloss.

Posca pens are available at

Use your Sharpie Paint markers to write an inspirational quote, a favourite song lyric or song name, a symbolic design, a word of encouragement or just simply a name. 

pocket rock

Your rock is a creative canvas for literally anything that inspires you. Is’t something beautiful you can carry with you – anywhere.

Just another great way to spend quality time with your children and create something beautiful. For more teepee ideas find us on Jozikids or follow us in Instagram.

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