January 5, 2021

How to choose a teepee tent or play tent for your child

There are just so many teepees on the market these days. I find myself wondering why there are such huge price discrepancies? Of course I would like to support local so it is obvious that mass imports from China would be cheaper than locally produced. How to choose a teepee tent or play tent for your child is not that simple, is it?

With so many options available in the teepee world and little time to spare, how are you supposed to choose one without spending hours researching? Today’s assortment of play tents for kids offers a wide range of possibilities, but before you begin to shop online, think about the number of kids you may need to accommodate, how much room you have in the house for a tent, and some of the features that will stand the test of time, inspire imaginative play and that make tents safer. 

Here are a few simple guidelines on how to choose a teepee tent or play tent for your child:

To find the right teepee tent or play tent, ask yourself a few questions:

  1. How many children will you need to accommodate? If it’s just one or two kids, a smaller version will probably suffice. But if you have more and don’t want anyone left out, consider going a little bigger or think of an under table play tent.
  2. How much space do you have? Many parents like to leave their teepee tent set up so the children can play in them any time, but when they’re not in use, will your teepee tent stow easily in a corner where it’s out of the way?
  3. Teepee tent or play tent is made from natural fabrics?
  4. Is it easy to set up?

One thing you’ve probably noticed while trawling through the vast array available, is that the sizes can vary quite a lot. The inside or floor diameter is most important. This is where the little ones will sit and play or read their books, so definitely the most important part.

Try not to get anything smaller than a 1m square inside diameter to make sure there’s plenty of space for children to play and grow into as they get a little older. Our teepees have a 1.2m square inside diameter which allows enough space for mum or dad to join in and enjoy reading, imaginative games and naps together.

Watch out for the thickness and material of the poles when choosing your teepee. We use wooden poles with a 220mm diameter for extra strength and durability. 

You’ll notice some teepees include metal or plastic poles, but we love the natural beauty of wooden poles as they blend beautifully into any home. Metal or plastic poles can feel a little cold and are often very light in weight. Wooden poles provide weight and stability, making sure the teepees are really strong and durable.

Choose a teepee or play tent that is made with a thicker 100% cotton. Cotton is breathable and safe for children. 

If space is a major consideration perhaps it is wiser to choose an under table play tents for your child. This can be used as a “table cloth” and has 2 doors and windows for cross ventilation. It is as easy as setting a table.

When teepees are sold fully assembled, you can just scoop the teepee together to move it around or store it away, so you don’t need to take it down and re-assemble it.

Teepees create lovely dens to enjoy outside and cosy indoor nooks during the colder months.

It’s best not to leave the teepee outdoors in unfortunate weather as most teepees are not waterproof.

Shop local. Support local. Hours of love and dedication were spent to make the perfect teepee just for your child. I hope this has helped just a fraction on how to choose a teepee tent or play tent for your child.

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