July 24, 2018

Creative Kids – Crafts with Nature

Why are sticks and stones so irresistible to kids? Creative Kids can spend hours on this activity and be amazed with the results.

Woolen wrapped sticks is a brilliant process for developing fine motor skills and they look rather pretty too! – by Babble Dabble Do

With more chilly days about to be spent inside or tucked up in your cosy teepee, this is the first easy craft in this series. Creative Kids can make this an activity by starting with a stick hunt outside, then going inside to wrap the sticks with wool.

This project is best for school age kids. It’s an easy quick project but wrapping the wool neatly requires a little patience and finesse.


  • Sticks in a variety of sizes
  • Variegated/Ombre wool or cotton with texture to add a little flair to the sticks
  • Scissors
  • Glue (Optional)

The key to this project is using variegated (or multicolored) ombre wool

Using wool that is multicolored already is an easy way to get the same effect without having to start and stop the wrapping process. The colors “appear” as you wrap the sticks!

If you hold the stick in your left hand and place your right hand around the branch and wool you can twist the wool really easily around the stick with a minimum amount of movement.


  • Cut a long piece of wool/string.
  • Tie one end of the string onto the end of one stick about 1cm from the end with a tight knot.
  • Trim the loose end of string off.
  • Begin wrapping the stick up towards the end of the stick and then back down the length of the stick.
  • When the stick is entirely covered you can either tie it off and trim away the excess wool.
  • Add a small dot of clear glue on the knot to secure in place.

Creative kids can also wrap long thick branches with long strips of fabric to use as centerpieces on a lunch table.

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