August 21, 2022

Children’s Bedroom on a Budget

children's bedroom on a budget

I have been answering the same question quite often recently and thought it would be helpful to write a quick post about this. How can I make the most of a small children’s bedroom on a budget?

Whether large or small the most affordable way to decorate a space is with paint. Nothing makes a space feel better than a fresh lick of paint and if you choose you colours in a clever way you may even make a small room appear larger. The latest trend for smaller rooms is to choose a two-toned paint effect that will create an illusion of space. To bounce light around the room, paint the top half in a light and bright shade and choose a darker shade for the bottom. This will also hide wear and tear from grubby little hands and scuff marks from tiny shoes.

Go for a simple window treatment in a children’s bedroom on a budget that allows lots of daylight into the room. A simple blackout blind is the cheapest and most practical option.

Choose a bed that comes with and under-bed storage drawer or a bed that is raised high enough for low storage containers. Under-bed storage is a godsend in children’s bedrooms as toys can be organised and out of sight and the low level means your child can find what he needs to play with and tidy up afterwards!

In a children’s bedroom on a budget you can always a teepee in the corner of the room to serve as a reading nook or a nap pod or simply just a place to play. A teepee from Powwow Designer Teepees is easy to set up can can be folded up and stored in the cupboard when not in use. It’s a great idea in a shared bedroom.

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