July 27, 2020

Celebrate Your Baby’s Birthday in Lockdown

baby birthday parties in South Africa with teepees

We all want to make sure our child has the most wonderful birthday celebration, especially a first birthday and there is absolutely no reason why you can’t celebrate your baby’s birthday, lockdown or no lockdown! 

Celebrating your baby’s first in lockdown is probably not exactly what you had planned, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have that ever-important special celebration. Whether it’s just you and the baby or if you have a partner with you – it’s certainly not the guest list that you were expecting. 

A themed birthday party during a lockdown might seem like a wild idea, but choosing a theme will really help with party planning and create a focus.

Baking is a super fun way for you to get creative and show your love to your little one by making something yourself – even if you’re the only one who actually gets to taste it. You’ll be able to snap some cute photos of your baby ‘helping’ with the baking, and could even use something you create for a cake smash like we suggested earlier. Whether it’s just you or you’ve got a partner with you, creating special treats for celebrating your baby’s birthday will be a fun memory and a lovely way to spend the birthday. 

The classic cake smash is such a special way to celebrate and remember your little one’s first year. While you obviously won’t be able to have a professional photographer coming over to capture the moment, your smartphone camera will still do a fine job! Set up a teepee as a backdrop and decorate it with balloons, banners, flowers, or whatever else you manage to find. Get your little one dressed up in their cutest outfit that you don’t mind getting messy, and let them go wild. You’ll be able to snap tons of cute photos of your baby with frosting all over them, having the time of their life with the cake. You could even follow up with an adorable bubble bath shoot for when  you need to get rid of all that mess. 

Make the first birthday extra special and memorable and write your baby a letter that they can read when they’re much older. This will all make for a great 18th birthday presentation!

We can help you to make sure that your child has the most magical and memorable birthday at home. Have a look at our teepees or our Jozikids page.

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