August 27, 2020

6 Things You Should Say to Your Children Every Day

6 things to say to your kids every day

Take time out of your day to remind your children how proud you are to be their mom. Tell your children you love them. Say it several times every day.

We rarely think about the fact that every phrase we use and every word we say to our children can leave its mark on them, impacting on the development of their personality and attitude towards the world around them.

Our children should receive words of encouragement from us every day. I am sure most of us are good at using positive reinforcement. But there are certain things you should say to your child daily that are not tied to behavior. Here are 6 things you should say to your children every day.

1. You are kind

Remind your child she is kind. Try not to tie her kindness to a specific action she performed or something she said. Simply remind her out of the blue! When they are older give examples of kindness she’s displayed. But try to keep the statements more general.

2. You are special

As your child grows point out special things about your child. For example, if he likes to help out in the kitchen at mealtimes tell him how special he his at making such wonderful salads. 

3. I love being your mom because…

Even on the difficult days, deep down, we all love being moms. We should take the time to tell our children and maybe even add a “because”. I often tell my daughter I like being her mama because she makes life fun when she pulls funny faces of take selfies with me. 

4. I am so proud of you

Remember your child’s face lighting up when you clapped as she mastered a skill? She loves seeing your pride in her. You can keep it simple with just that statement, or you can give them a specific reason. One I often use with my daughter is, “I am proud of you for having a big heart.”

5. “Thank you for…”

We constantly teach our kids the importance of manners and a great way to teach is by example. Our children crave appreciation and recognition just as we do, and just because we’re family it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t express gratitude for thoughtfulness.

Whether you are thanking them for throwing their snack wrapper away without being asked or for being fun to play with, those two little words sure do go a long way!

6. You are strong

Tell your child how strong he is and how much you believe in him. Encourage him to persevere and never to live up.

The idea is to encourage. Repeated, ingrained affirmation delivered with the firm conviction of someone who loves and believes in their children. Do this every day. Deliver your words with sincerity, and make them count.

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